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English version

The English version of the main subjects of immigration sector


Migration policies have two main objectives: to ensure order and public safety through combating illegal immigration; to ease regular immigrants’ reception and integration thus guaranteeing social cohesion 


Entry of foreign nationals into Italy
Foreign citizens can enter our territory for tourism, for study, for family reunification and in order to integrate into the labour market, within the limits established by entry flows

Illegal and irregular immigration
Foreigners who do not have a regular entry visa or a permit of residence are removed

Territorial councils for immigration

Established within the “Prefetture”, they monitor immigration by promoting initiatives and making proposals through a close cooperation between the institutions

Single desk for immigration
It operates in each “prefettura” and deals with foreign workers’ first recruitment and family reunification issues

Centers for temporary stay and assistance (Ctsa)

They take in the aliens whenever a first aid intervention is necessary or it is regarded as advisable to proceed with further checks on their identity

Initiatives related to integration

These initiatives have the purpose of favouring the creation of an open and multiracial society, by means of the reception and the integration of the foreign citizens.

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