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Citizenship applications: the call centre service will terminate on 31st December
Always check the progress of processing your application online on the 'Cittadinanza' area of the Interior Ministry website


Labour Market and Immigration in a European perspective, presentation of the third EMN Italy report
The paper providing a reliable documentation on the phenomenon has been presented by the Central Directorate for Immigration and Asylum Policy of the Interior Ministry at the National Council of the Economy and Labour (CNEL) in Rome


Church owing fund thematic channel wins Eurocommunication 2010 award
The prize has been awarded to the Internet Portal of the Italian Interior Ministry during the conference-exhibition COM.Lab 2010 organised by the Italian Association of Public and Institutional Communication


Public-private network and prevention against missing children phenomenon
The goals set during the conference organised by the non-profit organisation Telefono Azzurro. Institutional contributions by the Italian Interior Minister’s Staff Office Procaccini, the Special Commissioner for Missing People Penta and the Director of Institutional Communication of the Interior Ministry Ravioli. Biannual report on missing people to be presented on 28th October


World Food Day 2010, ‘United against Hunger’
World Food Day proclaimed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is celebrated on 16th October. The Italian Ministry of the Interior mobilizes to help sign a petition to end hunger in the world


The Church owing fund participates in the 2010 edition of the European Heritage Days
On 25th and 26th September, guided tours of some churches will be organised in collaboration with the prefectures and the civil service volunteers involved the projects run by the Fund


The 1st National Gathering of Firefighters took place in Cortina d’Ampezzo from 10th to 12th September
A representation of the Fire Department City of New York (FDCNY) together with some delegations of firefighters corps from several European countries participated in the meeting


A 'Guide for the foreigner' made available in Pescara to help non-EU immigrants in difficult conditions
6,000 copies of the booklet have been printed for distribution to the immigrant community


Road Traffic Regulations, a circular letter explains the new rules in force since 30th July
The State police gives practical guidance with respect to provisions contained in Law No 120/2010 already in force. The others will be effective on 13th August


'Ndrangheta: 300 people arrested by Italian police and Carabinieri in Calabria and Northern Italy in a huge blitz
Millions of euros worth of property and other assets have been seized. Maroni: the most important operation in recent years

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